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Validator slot ownership


Silvermint will be a fast, secure, and decentralized network capable of meeting the demands of global-scale commerce. To acheive this, we will be build a community of validators who can operate Silvermint nodes and stake Silvermint coins.

General concepts

What is a validator slot?

A validator slot is a license to operate a node in a specified location for the purpose of providing service to the network. To acheive a network with the performance and security needed for to support a global financial system we optimize for number of nodes on the network and geographic distribution. When mainnet is at full capacity we expect there to be 2,000 nodes operating around the world in locations that best support network performance. To meet network performance and decentralization goals Silvermint uses a validator slot to delegate the right to operate a validator on the network.

Only validators who own a validator slot will be eligible to bond and validate on the Silvermint mainnet.

Where are validator slots located?

To achieve global decentralization and optimize network performance slots are available around the world. See for inventory.

Purchasing a validator slot

To start a conversation about purchasing a validator slot, go to where you can schedule a conversation with the Silvermint team and complete a form to take the next steps toward ownership.

Selling a validator slot

Should the owners of validator slots decide not to operate a validators, they can sell the slot. It is likely Silvermint Corporation will help establish a marketplace to support this sales.