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Testnet roadmap


Testnets serve a variety of purposes prior to and after the launch of mainnet. Below are details on the current plans for Silvermint testnets.


Testnet nameDetailPlanned releaseDeprecation
SparkInternal devnet for Silvermint core teamRelased 2022 Q3No
EmberFirst public-facing testnet running with private validators accepting public transactions.Released March 2023Planned for deprecation with the launch of Inferno.
FlameTestnet open to public and Silvermint validators launching a network via a genesis ceremony.Planned Q3Planned for deprecation after the launch of Firestorm.
InfernoTestnet open to public and Silvermint validators that runs beta software.Planned Q3No
FirestormVery stable, long-running testnet to support developers building applications to integrate with the network.Planned Q3No