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About Ember testnet


The Ember testnet is a Silvermint network running an alpha version (v0.1.5) of Silvermint node software. See for release notes and packages.

The purpose of the Ember testnet is to provide a public demonstration of a network and to allow the public to experiment with Silvermint's command-line tools.

Status of Ember testnet


What can you do on the Ember testnet today?

  • Observe the network via the dashboard
  • Use silvermint-tools to send transactions to validators

Ember testnet details

Network size3 validators producing blocks every second.
Network traffic1 simluator sends 20 transactions to each node every second. Validators can also recieve transactions from the public up to a certain threshold. This small demo network can handle up to 140 transactions per second.
Who is responsible for the networkManaged by Silvermint team
Node software update cadenceEvery 2 weeks
Blockchain history wipedEvery 2 weeks
Network availabilityMostly live, with brief interruptions during regular updates
How to run a node.N/A. Run by Silvermint until public genesis and/or validator bonding features are complete

Validator URLs

validator0.ember.silvermint.ioSalt Lake City, UT
validator2.ember.silvermint.ioHong Kong

Validator specification

All validators running on Google cloud n2-highmem-32 VMs

  • CPU - 32 core
  • RAM - 256 GB RAM

Known issues

  • Storage and throughput optimizations: Development in progress
  • Genesis block validation: Development in progress
  • Snapshot and validator bonding: On development roadmap
  • Validator rules and incentives: On development roadmap